Ladder League - Spring 2020

Start: 02/07/2020

End:  05/10/2020


Your current rankings from Fall 2019 Ladder League will be retained if you sign up before Friday, February 6th.

If you sign up after Friday, February 6th, you'll start at the bottom of the ladder.

Newly registered players will also start from the bottom of the ladder.

NOTE: Entries for doubles/mixed will be considered and placed in the ladder ONLY when both the players sign up.


- Club Sponsorship

Top-ranking student members will be sponsored by the club. The badminton club will provide limited support in buying shuttles, club uniforms, tournament registration fees, and tournament travel expenses. 

**Sponsorships are subject to the availability of funds.

- Club jerseys

Both student and non-student winners will be awarded club jerseys in all divisions.

Registration Fee: Free of charge!

NOTE: A minimum of 5 entries required for each event to be played.  

How to Challenge?

Any player/team can challenge any player/team above them on the ladder. If the challenger wins the match, then they will move up 1 rank on the ladder. These challenges generally should not or cannot be declined.

Step 1: Email the player/team above you. All players email addresses are listed on the website.
Step 2: Copy/Cc in your challenge email.
Step 3: Mention the date, time and venue you are available to play.
Step 4: Report the results of the game to

Player/Teams have 1 week to respond to challenges. If you do not respond within 1 week, it is considered a loss.

All matches will be played for 1 game of 21 points.

Where to play?

  • Ladder matches can be played at UofA North Gym during club practice sessions.

  • Ladder games can be played outside of UofA if agreed upon by both players involved in the challenge.

  • In case of a dispute, preference will be given to play at UofA North Gym during practice sessions.

  • Special privileges will be provided for ladder matches during practice sessions.

Change of partners?

Yes, you can change your partner. If you change your partner, you will have to start from the bottom of the ladder.


Li-Ning Badminton is the official badminton equipment sponsor of the University of Arizona and through this important partnership, we gain assistance to operate the club in return for your support for the brand and company. Please consider Li-Ning products such as badminton rackets and badminton shoes and all other Li-Ning accessories and supplies with FREE shipping to Arizona on orders $150 or more.

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